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Sat, Jul 24th, 2021

Brian is launching his ‘Gold Series’ solo catalogue with the classic 1992 album ‘Back To The Light’, which is being released on August 6th and wants to be DRIVEN BY YOU to help reach the highest chart placing possible!


Brian May Re-Releases 'Resurrection' Single
Fri, Jul 16th, 2021

Brian May Re-Releases 'Resurrection' Single

Tom Chaplin Sings Queen!
Fri, Mar 15th, 2019

I am told this is a brilliant show!!!


News of the World

Fernando's Freddie For A Day story
Thu, Oct 6th, 2011


Midnight near Freddie’s Statues at Montreux and the 65th Birthday Party of our idol begins with all fans singing “The Great Pretender”, followed by the “Happy Birthday” song and finishing with a Queen medley; there was no more time because the sky’s were crying in a very, very strong way for our beloved Freddie.
Next morning was time to say good bye, with tears and sadness but also with honour, because this was Freddie’s birthday and the party still’s on in London, so I’ve got to get there. But, not everything it is so easy like that appears, and when I arrived at Genève Airport I saw that my flight was cancelled... It was chaos, the disappointment but clock still ticking so I run through the airport and get another flight, from another company, a little bit later than the original one.

Finally I arrive at London City Airport… It’s was 6.45pm and the marathon still goes on… But now faster to get to the Savoy on time; carrying the luggage, with a little rain, running from tube to tube and Savoy, were I am! The Savoy Party was amazing, 5 star’s!!!
Freddie was everywhere; we feel is presence, his charisma. The surrounding was so cool, everyone was happy, having fun with the moustaches, just like Freddie would like. For me, there were 3 special/huge moments: taking a picture with Kashmira Cooke (a very very nice and kind lady); shaking hands with Brian May who recognized me right away from the last time that we were together (at the private launch party of Stormtroopers In Stilettos) – and his attitude surprised me and touched me, and the last (but not the least) spectacular moment of Savoy evening was when they offer me the Freddie Mercury Great Pretender printed figure, scale 1/1, that was part of Savoy party decoration! Oh, my God! I get so crazy!

But it was still Freddie's birthday and there was one more place that I have to go: Garden Lodge! And once more, the clock still ticking, and I want to get there before midnight. So, with my Freddie under my harm, the luggage in the other hand, with wind and rain, start running to get there! On the way, everyone was looking to me... Imagine: running, dressed like Freddie, with a real moustache, carrying a Freddie figure...

And, there I was, walking through Logan Place Street, dark but lit with the love of the fans that were there; the same fans that were stunned looking at me dressed like Freddie Wembley, hugging the Great Pretender Freddie Figure! After the surprise, the happiness burst, with lots of tears and photos! A real madness... all the moments, all the day, starting in Switzerland and finishing in U.K.. Freddie’s birthday was over, I was aware that my “mission” was accomplished, so I was (and still I am) so happy and I think Freddie was too...



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30th Official Queen Fan Club Convention

November 6th to 9th 2015. Our THIRTIETH year! It will be bigger and better than ever and back in an old favourite venue - Pontins Southport!

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