Queen News
By Jacky
Aug 21, 2009, 16:24

Roger has had a clear out down at the house, and there are a number of old, battered, but historic Queen flight cases to be sold!

I have featured photos of them below, and I have been instructed to sell them to the highest bidders on each one - or more than one if you have the space! They might be ideal to store your treasured Queen collection in!

Take a look at the photos below, and simply EMAIL me your bid. I'll email you back if someone outbids you. The auction will finish on 11th of September, and the highest bid I have at midday that day will 'win' the item. Make sure you state in your email which CASE NUMBER you are bidding on!

Also bear in mind that you have to be able to COLLECT your prize from somewhere in SURREY (not sure where yet!). Payment will have to be cash, cheques or card only, NOT Paypal.

Case 1 (2'1" x 2'1"x2'4")

Case 2 (5'3'x1'8"x 1'8")

Case 2 close up

Case 3 (back)(3'1"x2'8"x2')

case 4 (4"x2'6"x1'11")

case 5 (3'7"x5'1"x1')

case 6 (2'11"x1'11"x2')

case 7 (2'9"x2'9"x1'7" - no wheels)

case 8 (3'4"x2'4"x1'6")

case 9 (doesn't come with Nigel...)5'11"x3'4"x1'9") and Nige is about 5'8"!

case 10(3'6"x2'8"x1'9")

case 12 opened

case 12 (5'x2'4"x2'3")

case 13 - dressing room trunk (6'x3'3"x2'5")

case 13 close up

case 14 (1'8"x1'x1'11")

case 15 (4'10"x2'1"x1'9")

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