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By Jacky
Aug 29, 2008, 12:18

I was sent a press copy - and couldn't put it down! There IS a fleeting Queen reference, and a funny one at that. But anyone of 'our age' who lived through or just after the 60's will love this book - remember Fab 208? Luxembourg Radio? The Osmonds and David Cassidy?! Even if you don't I think you'll enjoy this anyway - name dropping of the highest calibre! Fab! The press release follows:

"Today Judith Wills is well known as the best-selling author of food and health books, with over 2 million books sold (The Food Bible has sold 300,000 copies, and The Green Food Bible is out now).

But for eight years she made her living in the world of London pop music and show business, writing for a teen magazine. What she ironically calls her ‘fabulous career’ started when, despite non-existent secretarial skills, she won the job of ‘Ed’s Sec’ on the mega-selling pop magazine of the late sixties, Fab-208.

KEITH MOON STOLE MY LIPSTICK tells the story of what happened in the years after she arrived, as a ‘naïve, country bumpkin 17-year-old’ on Fleet Street, fresh from a caravan home with posters of her favourite stars on her wall, sick with fear over her forthcoming interview and wearing the wrong clothes.

Alongside the funny and fascinating story of her new life, encounters with all her heroes and the big stars of the day, and 30 pages of original photographs, Judith, via a series of flashbacks to her own childhood, offers a more serious insight into how pop culture can offer young people a safe antidote to loneliness and depression.

KEITH MOON STOLE MY LIPSTICK, serialised in the Daily Mail in August.

Judith Wills is available for all media interviews or feature writing.
Contact Judith on E: Tel: 01497 831602
Info/photos: Jolen Whitworth at UKA Press Tel: 07525 171208
For serials, extracts, etc. E: Tel: 01872 501317

KEITH MOON STOLE MY LIPSTICK, to be published by UKA Press on 19/08/08, at £8.99
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