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By Jacky
Nov 27, 2007, 15:07

I just wanted to send a belated THANK YOU to the fabulous Queen fans I met in Prague on November 17th – their annual convention. It was a fabulous evening – videos, market place, and three fantastic live bands! Peter ‘Phoebie’ Freestone and I were ‘special guests’ for the evening, and we were treated like royalty! Everyone was kind and friendly. The first band on were a very young bunch of guys called “Queenie” – and they were brilliant! Pheobie and I did a question and answer session on stage, with Karel and the lovely Kristina translating (her first ‘live’ translation, she did so well, particularly as I talk very quickly!) There was some good questions being asked, and we were able to share a few of our Queen and Freddie stories.

We then did a raffle draw, I got the fans to choose the tickets from the audience and Phoebie and Karel read out the numbers and handed out the prizes – I had taken along some Queen items for prizes, so there were some good irtems up for grabs!

Another excellent band next – Jan Vytasek and the Blackbirds. I really enjoyed them! The final band on were Flash – we were treated to a great show! The night came to close with karaoke, which everyone seemed to enjoy!

The whole evening was such great fun, I drank rather a lot of lovely Czech beer, talked to hundreds of lovely people and had my photo taken so often I had flashes before my eyes! But I loved it, and hope I get invited again! Oh – and the City of Prague is quite beautiful, and I thank Phoebie for the wonderful guided tour!

You can see some great photos of the event here

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