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By Jacky
Nov 18, 2010, 14:06

Dear friends

We are writing on behalf of Bikerespect, which is a citizens initiative to promote bicycle as an alternative mean of urban transport in Thessaloniki, Greece. Among our many actions to promote bicycle, we organize events of special character which coincide with significant dates, and are aimed in putting bicycle to the spotlight.

Thus, we would like to inform you that about an event we have planned which will take place on Wednesday November 24th ; which, marks the 19th anniversary from the death of the beloved singer Freddie Mercury. In specific, we are planning a bicycle ride to honour his memory and contribution to the world music scene, as many of our members and fellow bicyclists are Queen fans.

Hence, we will meet in front of the statue of Alexander the Great, and start a ride with our bicycles through the central streets of Thessaloniki, during which Queen’s greatest hits will be played, from a portable stereo mounted on a bicycle.

In this way, we are planning to pay tribute to the memory of the great Freddie Mercury, and to the great music produced by the Queen rock band.

More details you can find in our facebook event, (the first part is in Greek the second in English), and also the event’s poster will be send to our 2.500 members through our emailing list

Our facebook fanpage

Our Youtube Channel (has english translation in the texts)

Best Regards
Kostas Simelidis
Bikerespect President

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