Freddie Mercury
By Jacky
Aug 25, 2010, 12:02

A tribute to Freddie's Barcelona....

"We have recently released the album Simply...Barcelona which is currently available only on the iTunes for digital download.
We are pleased to interpret in our own arrangement the music of so much passion, emotions, energy and beauty.
This music means a lot to me personally as it was the very first Freddie’s solo album that I had heard and I was totally impressed by its uniqueness and the genius of Freddie Mercury.
Julia and myself enjoyed greatly arranging, rehearsing and recording the songs, which was a wonderful and unique experience.
We now believe in our product of a sincere idea which comes from our hearts and love of the original Barcelona album and hopefully would reach many people’s hearts!

Also I hope this would be a nice homage for the upcoming Freddie’s birthday anniversary!
We would deeply like to thank Freddie Mercury, Mike Moran, Montserrat Caballe and all the great artists who created the Barcelona album and gave us such beautiful music!

Please find attached the iTunes link below.

Thank you - Claudio Gyuris.

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