Freddie Mercury
By Jacky
Aug 4, 2010, 11:41

The 8th Freddie Mercury’s Montreux Memorial Day will take place from Friday evening September 3rd until Sunday afternoon 5th September.
Same format as last year. It will be FREE. Come over and enjoy a fantastic week-end. Peter Freestone will open the event under the market place. We have secured the presence of « The Barcelona Project » from Norway. Just imagine about 35 singers and musicians on stage performing a few meters away from Freddie’s statue or 'Dragon Attack' the Italian Queen coverband live next to Freddie’s statue with a unique show. Queen Alive are back for the second time and The Royal Squeeze Box from Germany will assurely blow your mind! To close the event, Lucie Halamikova with her keyboard will perform some less well known Queen songs by the statue where a few stalls will be installed and serve drinks and food to all fans. You will be able to take boat trips to the Lake House or 'Tea at the Palace' 'with Peter Freestone. All details are on our website and we hope to meet you from all over the world.

See you guys.

Team montreuxmusic

(I will be there again this year, if you have never been to Montreux, then make the trip, it's worth it!)

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