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Queen News : John Deacon Last Updated: Jan 17th, 2008 - 18:48:47

By Jacky
Jan 17, 2008, 18:17

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Councillors have rejected their area’s two most famous son’s when choosing the name of a new street.

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council had to name a road on a new housing development, which is between Leicester Road and Victoria Street, in Wigston.
Developer Jelson put forward a number of suggestions for the road, including naming it after the most famous former Wigston resident, Graham Chapman.
The comic genius and member of the Monty Python team grew up in the town where his father, Walter, was a police sergeant.
Despite being part of one of the greatest comedy teams ever, there is no tribute to Chapman in the town.
Councillors spurned the latest chance to provide some recognition of the star of Python films such as The Life Of Brian when it named the road Two Steeples.
Coun. Bill Boulter is chairman of the council’s services committee, which took the decision earlier this week.
He said they decided on a name which showed it’s historical links to the town as well as the site the houses are being built on – instead of the more famous option.
He said “The site was occupied by the Two Steeples Hosiery Company.
“Two Steeples also features on the coat of arms. Wigston was known as Wigston Two Steeples hundreds of years ago. That is where it stems from. It will be called Two Steeples Square. The houses are being built at the moment and the street name sign is the last thing to go up. It was the fact that it was the name of the hosiery factory that was on there as well as the name of the town”
The name Two Steeples apparently comes from the Middle Ages as there were two churches in the town. All Saints and St Winstans.
Councillors also rejected the name Deacon Close, which was suggested as a way of recognising Queen bassist John Deacon.
The guitarist from the world famous band was born in Oadby and went to Beauchamp Grammar school, where he was in his first band.
Jackie Smith, who runs the Queen fan club, backed the idea of some form of recognition of John’s roots within the borough.
She said “I think it’s a fantastic idea. I think it would be really good to have something. It’s very difficult when deciding to name things after famous people, but I think there should be something for John, especially as he has always been the quiet one of Queen. I do honestly think he would be very touched if they did that”.

Many thanks to Martin Patterson for sending the article which appeared in the Leicester Mercury newspaper.

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