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Fan Club News : Magazines Last Updated: Feb 10th, 2005 - 14:17:45

By Brian May (posted by Jacky)
Dec 17, 2004, 09:30

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I know that not everyone in the world has yet received their magazines, but most of you have, and so I felt it was time to share the letter!  This letter was written exclusively for the Queen Fan Club:

Hi Folks, Brian here.....

For the first time in...well how long is it? .... we are getting ourselves in shape for...getting around to thinking about....making a start on planning a possible.....    TOUR!!!!

The tour will probably be billed as QUEEN +  PAUL RODGERS, so there's no suggestion that he's "in Queen". But we do feel there is a good opportunity to create something new here, at the level of excellence we have always sought, and the chance to make a lot of people happy. No, we are not doing it for the money - if we had adopted that attitude we would have been out there long ago with the big guns, Elton John, or even George Michael...but though it was tempting, we never did.

Somehow listening to Mr Rodgers there was a groundswell of gut feelings that "something was going on here", and in Rock and Roll there are few things as important as gut feelings. It's perhaps significant Paul Rodgers and Free were one of our greatest inspirations in the early days of Queen, and Freddie absolutely loved his singing. We used to play their songs for fun, before we really had written much of our own material, and we even modelled an early song on the FREE approach - "Hangman". It's too early to give full details, but we hope to hit a few cities around Europe (including the UK) in the spring. WATCH OUT!! if it goes well, well, who knows where we might end up.

EXTRA!! Watch out for an exclusive download for Christmas - a new version of  "No-One But You" produced by me, sung beautifully by the originator of the role of Meat, the brilliant Kerry Ellis, with full orchestral backdrop, plus me and Roger playing. We will be offering this exclusively on Queenonline, and hopefully we will be making some CD's (remember those old things?!) for sale at the Theatre, as well as mail order. These days the Record Business is changing so will be unrecognisable in a couple of years. Let's hope it evolves in a way which allows the musicians themselves to make enough money out of their work to feed themselves. it will not be easy.

The future? The sky still seems to be the limit. This seems to be a time when Queen, by some miracle, is more visible than ever - thanks to the great support you give us..many thanks from us, the cottage industry called Queen, and have a wonderful Christmas season out there!!!


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