January 28, 2005


Please don't panic if you have not heard anything yet! HUNDREDS of fan club members were succesful but we have a database that ONLY features postal addresses for everyone. I was given a list and I provided as many email addresses as possible, but it was nowhere near everyone on that list!

Ticketmaster will be sending out a POSTAL letter to ALL winners over the weekend to arrive early next week which will give you details on how to get your tickets should you wish to accept them.

We entered EVERYONE in the fan club worldwide, so there are many overseas members who were picked, so your letters may take a little longer, but Ticketmaster have said they will take that into consideration in the time allocated to accept the tickets.

Any UNALLOCATED tickets for Brixton will be offered to the remainder of the entrants who weren't lucky enough to be drawn first time, so even if you don't get a ticket in the first draw, there is still a chance you might be lucky second time around!